SPECIAL EVENT: Planning Deep Energy Projects: A Practicum DAY ONE (additional cost: $295 for both days)

03/28/2011 - 8:00am - 5:00pm

Optional reception/poster session Monday 5 p.m.-7 p.m.

We face increased concerns about energy cost and availability, resilience to extreme weather events, and the urgency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With a blend of content, strategies, and process, this session is designed for people who either have a specific deep energy reduction project in mind or plan to implement a project in the near future. Explore tools and opportunities to integrate efficiency, renewables, behavioral choices, and community solutions. Regardless of whether a project is completed all at once or as a multi-year effort, the deep reduction paradigm must provide the framework to guide project planning and execution.

Join in addressing sticky wicket issues, including: 1) Budget too low & cost too high; 2) Creating a team; 3) R-value: How high is high enough?; 4) Mechanical system alternatives, and; 5) Deep reductions for water heating and baseload.

Prepare to be challenged to rethink assumptions regarding residential energy use and savings! 

By attending this session, participants will 

  1. Be able to identity five ways that deep reduction differ from “business as usual” projects, and the implications for system choices and project outcomes
  2. Learn to identify and avoid near-term strategies that may hinder longer-term energy reduction objectives
  3. Review case studies of deep energy reduction projects that achieved 70% or greater reductions in order to examine lessons learned, non-energy benefits, and alternative options

Type: Full-Day (SC)

Course Presenter(s):

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