Social Media Boot Camp: A How to on Facebook, Twitter & More

03/31/2011 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Following the spontaneous Twitter how-to at Austin, the social media geeks of home performance are back this year with a new and improved session to help energy efficiency professionals sort out the ever changing landscape of Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Quora and more. This is a hands on session, where we'll be live on the internet, so bring your computer!

If you haven't yet stuck your toe in the social media waters, we'll start at the very beginning and help demystify this fast changing world: registering, picking a handle, writing a good profile and information section, choosing an avatar. By the end, you'll be live. Not quite ready for the plunge? Come listen to fellow home performance pro's who are getting value out of social media, and how they're measuring ROI.

If you already have a jump on things, or might need a booster shot, we'll have a breakout for more advanced users--what are the latest trends and changes on Twitter and Facebook and how can you take advantage of them? With the new changes to Facebook Pages, what are the latest best practices, and how do you seize upon the phenomenal growth of this platform?

Peter Troast of Energy Circle will herd the cats, but you can expect guest appearances and participation from many of the home performance technorati such as the Green Curmudgeon, Michael Anschel, Allison Bailes, Stephanie Inglis and more.

Type: Evening Session (SS)

Course Presenter(s):

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